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Such red moles usually appear in children of both sexes, they are somewhat less common among adults. It is impossible to predict or prevent their occurrence. At the moment, there are disputes as to which pathology to attribute hemangiomas to - congenital malformations or vascular tumors. Recent data confirm the development of Plaquenil due to the proliferation of the vascular endothelium and allow us to attribute such neoplasms to vascular tumors.

Acquired pathology is associated with the presence of hormonal disorders and explains the appearance of hemangiomas in adults.diseases (diseases of the endocrine system, menopause, pregnancy, taking oral contraceptives or hormone therapy).

Uncompensated and prolonged hypovitaminosis of vitamin C, which provokes thinning and fragility of capillaries, is also among the causes. Red moles can accompany the course of other diseases (for example, oncological diseases of plaquenil organs, pathologies of the pancreas, liver). Often, the accumulation of red moles in a certain part of the body indicates a predisposition to cancer in this area or a nearby organ.

Skin cracks and microtraumas with permanent damage to the capillary network can lead to the formation of such formations.

In newborns, this is a fairly common occurrence, it is also worth noting that if a newborn has a visual mole, it can disappear by 3-5 years. Since these are benign tumors, you should not be afraid if such formations:

located in a non-dangerous place (if present on the nose, under the eye, on the genitals or face, its removal is indicated).

Red moles are characterized by rapid peripheral growth, which is especially intense in the first few months of a baby's life. Therefore, about 10-12% of plaquenil pills, for medical reasons, are removed. In the process of growth, the tumor provokes tissue destruction and leads to a cosmetic and sometimes functional defect, especially in cases where the formation is located near vital organs (brain, ears, eyes). Violation of the function of tissues and organs occurs as a result of their compression by the neoplasm.

In adults, primary hemangiomas do not occur, they are formed from already existing undiagnosed tumors.

In most cases, even before school age, visible formations are treated, therefore, as an adult, either tumors on the internal organs or untreated superficial formations can be detected. Of particular danger are vascular tumors located on the spine, which is localized in the body of the spine, weakening its structure, and can lead to a fracture.

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Cavernous - consists of a large number of cavities of various sizes and shapes, which are lined with a single layer of epithelial cells, which are similar in structure to the endothelium of blood vessels.

In some cases, there is a rupture of the septa with the formation of papillary cavities in the lumen. Capillary - the histological structure of the formation is a compact layers or concentric groups of capillaries that are closely adjacent to each other. The wall of each of the vessels consists of several or one layer of epithelial cells and basement membrane. The lumens of the fused capillaries are filled with blood cells. In some cases, groups of vessels can form lobules that are separated by the stroma. By location, vascular hyperplasia is usually divided into:

Spot of various sizes, usually red, which rises above the skin. With simultaneous pressure with a finger on the edge of such a tumor and healthy tissue, the angioma turns pale and decreases, after the compression stops, it acquires its previous color and shape.

Vascular tumors have a number of characteristic properties that distinguish them from other neoplasms: unpredictability of further development, even after stopping involution and growth.

A therapist-in-training talks with peers at the counseling center.

Acquired red moles can only have a simple location (percutaneous). Complex forms of pathology can be detected in the case of complications or by chance, and in this case they are congenital, which have not been previously diagnosed. Simple, which do not pose a risk of organ dysfunction or complications.

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